•   Dear ASN members,   My name is Arkad Baxton, founder of Avatar Social Network (ASN).   I'm reaching out to express my gratitude and make an important announcement today.   First of all I would like to thank you for being a member and supporter of ASN, with you and your...
  • October 26, 2016
    Posted by Cerridwen Melody
               Halloween Location "Hello Mr. Crow.  Could you tell me where I am?" "Nevermore."  Relpied the Crow. "Seriously?!"  This place looks like a good place to have an ASN Party.        ...
  • 【Halloween Party in Cafe Sea Side 再告知】※This entry is Japanese only.   <はじめに> 諸事情により延期していましたSLイベントですが、 この度10月15日土曜日という日程で再始動させて頂くことになりました。 事情に関しては関係のない方もいらっしゃるかと思いますので割愛させて頂きますが、 皆さまの祈りが可能性の海で迷子になった人を連れ戻したのだと確信しています。 以下の記事は以前のものになりますので少々お見苦しいテンションはご容赦くださいませ。。。 ---------------------------...
  • Hello friends,   I have a new advertising spot available on one of my parcels with billboards.  This place gets lots of traffic from breeders, Lindo, Treasure Quest, and SuperFish players.  There is also a Cards Against Humanity table there.   http://maps.secondlife.com/secon...
  • August 26, 2016
    Posted by ゆう @cathrineyk
    【残暑見舞会 告知その②】※Sorry, this entry is Japanese only.   毎度どうもです!愛美マニアのゆう(@cathy_yuu)です! 前回の告知は微妙なブログにもかかわらず100ビューを超えておりまして、 さすがの愛美さん人気だと実感する今日この頃でございます。   さて、いよいよ明日、9月2日金曜日の日本時間23時より、 日本SL界の誇るアイドル・愛美さん(@manamiile1)主催の残暑見舞会が開催されます! 皆さまお出かけの準備はできましたか? 実はこの記事、もっと早くに出す予定だったのですがわたしの妄想癖が災...
  • 【残暑見舞会 告知その①】※Sorry, this entry is Japanese only.   こんにちは!百合の伝道師ゆう(@cathy_yuu)と申します! 夏の終わりが見え始めた今日この頃、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? 今日はSL住人の皆様にじめじめした暑さを忘れさせてくれる素敵なSLイベントのお知らせをさせて頂きます!   来る9月2日金曜日の日本時間23時より、 日本SL界の誇るアイドル・愛美さん(@manamiile1)主催の残暑見舞会が開催されます! イベント内容は「花火」と「ビンゴ大会」がメインとなっています。 イベント会場はこち...
  • August 16, 2016
    Posted by Faithless Babii
    I found time to pop inworld between holidays! Yes yes I am off on my travels again Thursday, but I really wanted to share a coupla items with you before I leave. (More if I have time) Anyhoooo Neve have some pretty things out in the form of sundresses , two styles with a whole heap of colours and ...
  • August 6, 2016
    Posted by Kirra Frantic
    I have to admit how much I love this Gacha set thats available at Cosmopolitan at the moment. It is so beautiful and stirs up a lot of feelings.  If your planning your big day and your looking for the perfect collection to create a soft romantic day with all the trimmings then this c...
  • August 4, 2016
    Posted by Rosie aIken
    Where Fashion, Future and Urban Hip Hop collide to become FashionV2.0! To gain the Futuristic style card click this link to my blog: Take the Time Machine!
  • August 3, 2016
    Posted by Cerridwen Melody
    Kita Gardens   Today i visited Kita Gardens with Timmy the ASN friendship bunny.   Click here for a landmark.       Such a beautiful location to visit.  Gorgeous landscaping that catches your eyes from every angle. Tall pine trees make the backdrop to a vibr...

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Littlefield Grid - Living in a world without commerce....

  • I really enjoyed Second Life, this is where I met many great friends, saw many wonderful creations and some of the best times...why did I leave?

    Well I use to make things, I had a store on my sim, a sim I shared with other people, I use to pay $100 per month for my quarter share of a sim, and it was great but then I was shown something new, Opensim.  OSgrid was my first Opensim home, we had many wonderful regions there, and so I gave back our sim, as my partners had already drifted away from Second Life so I took my $100 and helped with my new partners putting it towards the servers we had in OSgrid.

    After 2 years we decided to create our own grid, so now my $100 was put towards having a share in a whole grid, this is just amazing, I went from a quarter share of a sim to being part owner of a whole grid..life is very good now :)

    So why is living without commerce wonderful, well in Second Life owning a store and trying to make money to cover tier was just plain hard work, and for me being in Second Life was meant to be fun a hobby you might say, but it all got too much and the fun just started to slowly disappear.

    So being in Opensim especially being on Littlefield Grid has bought the fun back to being in a virtual world, now I can create things when I feel like not just because I have to keep coming up with new content for my store and making money.  

    Imagine my delight, wonder at finding things in Opensim for free, no money system people sharing where they can what they create, now this is fun and stress free.  I love creating things for the members of our community, watching ex Second Life people joining our grid and seeing the delight in their eyes when they realise that yes the things in our stores are FREE.  Watching them take as much as they can on one shopping trip just in case we change our minds...no we won't change our minds, we made a choice never to have commerce on our grid and it's for the better.

    Yes we create things for our community having shut off the ability to take things via hyper grid, we do this for a couple of reasons, one we have licences with SL creators but the second thing is our grid is not a huge shopping mall for the meta verse, we want people to come and live on our grid and be part of our community, not just to stop and shop at, our grid is so much more than a shopping mall.

    So if you like to have a fun time, enjoy no drama and enjoy being part of a fun community come join us at Littlefield Grid and discover all the great content we have.  We have some wonderful creators on our grid who work hard each day to provide great content for us, plus they enjoy living and being a part of our family.

    One last thought, I get really annoyed when I see comments about there being no good content in Opensim...well if you are lazy and don't want to create your own then yes you have none, but if you work hard like our creators do on LFgrid then there is so much wonderful content out there, do like we did, we didn't have it then we built it...easy really

    ...your world is what you make it!!!

    Besides our grid is not about content, it's about our community first & foremost.


  • Toy McBride
    Toy McBride You know nor did I before I was shown :) In Firestorm viewer there is "log into grid" yours would default to SL but if you drop the arrow down you will see other grids there, now of course you need to create an account in a grid to visit, if yo...  more
    January 1, 2015 - 1 likes this
  • AmberedLilith Lanzet
    AmberedLilith Lanzet I visited Littlefield grid last night/this morning and all I can say is WOW! The people there (Toy included) are very warm, friendly and extremely helpful. Dedicated to making you feel at home, at ease and Welcome.

    I came in as a visitor and left as a R...  more
    January 2, 2015 - 1 likes this
  • Toy McBride
    Toy McBride Glad you enjoyed it Amber, it was lovely to meet you also and welcome to our family :)
    January 2, 2015 - 1 likes this
  • AmberedLilith Lanzet
    AmberedLilith Lanzet Thank you :)
    January 2, 2015