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    This group is created for AP Holdings shareholders, investors and business associates. Everything related to AP Holdings can be discussed here by all members. All membership requests must be approved.
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    Hellos welcome to the Food Porn Group.
    A place for food loves to share their favorite things to eat,cook,share recipes,tips and tricks,websites pertaining to food,pictures of rl or virtual food,places to visit irl or in world pertaining to food, and so much more.
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    The city of Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan is a mysterious and wild city filled with urban legends like the Headless Rider, a bartender that throws vending machines, a manipulative info broker and color gangs.

    This is a RP group for Second Life. I have a group o...  more
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    More than a club, Harvest Moon is a place to dance with some amazing fun DJs, hang out and chill in The Sweetspot. Dress Up, dress down, play games, swim and lots of other activities coming soon
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    The Witticism of the Avatar Social Network Server Engineer. IM him to receive his pearls of wisdom, LOL Post you results and compare notes. Find him at the ASN Outlet store here more
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    Founded to create stylish and elegant celebrations for couples who want an inspirational wedding without the stress of organizing it.

    ~ Weddings are run by professionals
    ~ High quality video and photography ... Pictures are posted ...  more
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    I created this group to get more players both ladies and gentlemen for our new forum game making it more exciting and fun. It has become pretty popular among a few of you so let's get more friends to play.

    Check the links below or go to our Forums to play.
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    ASN Flash Mob was created for the Avatar Social Network community by Gemini in 2014 then resurrected by Venturis and managed by Prissy to have fun and promote Avatar Social Network among friends.

    Join the group and have fun!