• I was impressed right from the start. When I first joined, I was greeted warmly by other members. From that time until now the members of ASN have been friendly, helpful and positive. I highly recommend joining this wonderful social network to all virtual world residents. It is drama and troll free and a great place to network, exactly the way it should be. 

    Angela McKeenan (Tzaryna Gracemount)
    Pilot and Singer, http://angelamckeenan.weebly.com/
  • i have yet to have a negative experience with the other users. considering how opinionated i am, and how often i get into debates, that's really impressive! everyone is really nice, patient, and open minded. 

    Ms. Cari Daveney
    owner, Infatuation Intoxication
  • I find ASN to be a very positive and friendly place. It encourages people to explore their passions. 

    justice league
  • I found ASN when looking for alternatives to Facebook, which I loathe. I am so happy I joined - the people are friendly, it's a robust social network, and I don't have to worry about mixing RL and my virtual identity. I recommend it to everyone! 

    Kat Feldragonne
    Eternal Optimist
  • Ok, site is friendly, peeps are awesome, idea's great, the feel is "I can breathe!" in all of ASN. I'd just like to say that ALL the issues I've had so far have been totally resolved by ASN's awesome support team. I send a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, and a tight hug of appreciation for their effort and consideration. A place like this can't be "just" great! It needs to run smoothly, too! CONGRATS AND THANK YOU, ASN SUPPORT TEAM FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK!!! 

    Amélia Mayenburg